Cookie season is in full swing in most parts of the United States!  Check our site to help you with all your 2014 cookie sales.  Start with the "New Cookie Moms" tab to get some encouragement, then navigate your way through the site depending on what phase of the process you are experiencing.  And don't forget the Cookiemoms Twitter feed where lots of juicy tidbits about cookies found throughout the internet are posted!

The best place, though, to read all these great stories is the Facebook page. Since it's a fan page, all my updates don't automatically go to your news feed, so to make sure you don't miss anything, after you click Like you'd need to go to my page and subscribe to RSS or SMS updates on the left-hand side.

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Our site is relatively new and always growing and changing, so check back often!  Go to the About Us page to suggest new links and content for the site.

I am in a Little Brownie Bakers area, so this site normally references that baker's policies and products.  Many of the concepts can be applied to areas which use ABC Bakers.

I don't claim to be the source of truth for your Service Unit's cookie sales, so if you have specific questions on policies in your area, please contact your local volunteers (SUCM and ACM, or your Product Sales Manager).

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Here's a great Saturday Night Live Weekend Update clip about the Girl Scout Cookies sales model.
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