Delivery, Storage and Distribution
This page is all about logistics!!  You will become Cookie Central and neighbors might wonder just what kind of goods you are trafficking out of your house.  You can tell them that you are the source for all things sweet, and you might just get some more sales.

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How Many Cases Will Fit In My Car During Pickup?

       Vehicle                                          Approx. # of Cases 

 Compact Car  23
 Hatchback or small wagon  25-30
 Mid-size sedan (using back seat and trunk)  35
 8 passenger mini-van or suv  60
 Full-size station wagon  75
 Full-size van with seats  150
 Full-size van without seats  200

Pickup Basics

You will arrange your pickup location and date in eBudde (for Little Brownie Bakers councils).  The program will decide how many pickup time slots you need based on your initial order amount.  You'll want to make sure you have enough volunteers and vehicles, so refer to the chart on this page to determine what you'll need to bring.

  • When you pick up, have your troop number written in 3" high letters and placed on your windshield for the workers at the distribution site. 
  • Make sure you double-check the count.  Once you sign for the cookies, you're responsible for them so you need to be accurate.  If you should notice an error later, let your cupboard know right away so that you can rectify it before it's too late.

Distribution Basics

Most cookie moms take a few vans to the delivery site, caravan back home, then arrange the cookies by type in their distribution spaces (garage, basement, dining room, etc.).  After that, they take each girl's initial order and count it out and set it aside for pickup, which they schedule every 15 minutes or so on a designated day.  This is one way to do it.

Here's what I do with my troop:  I place my initial order plus a hefty booth order (at least half of what I will need for all my seasonal booths (see more on the booth tab).  I then pick up this very large order with a U-Haul at the delivery site.  That means that several parents, and their cars, are freed up.  After that, I meet the parents at the girls' school, where they show up, first come, first served.  I count out their orders, which they verify, and they sign.  Then, when I get home, I can separate the cookies and store them by type.  My troop sells a lot of cookies-in-hand and does a lot of booths, so that's why I like having a very large order that I can pick up all in one swoop.  All of this takes the better part of one afternoon, and then it saves everyone having to schedule appointments to come over and pick up cookies. 

One caveat on this method is that you're on the hook to pay for the cookies on your initial order, so you'd want to make sure you schedule enough booths to sell all of them.  You'll get better at this in subsequent years of being a cookie mom. This is just the way I do it and is in no way an instruction or a must-do for you! It's just an idea.

Important things to remember when giving people their cookies:

  • Have a copy of their initial order with you to resolve any discrepancies.
  • Count out the order carefully one cookie type at a time.
  • The parent picking up should then count the cookies and verify your count.
  • Be sure the parent signs your T1A form for the receipt of the cookies.  They should sign this form every time cookies are exchanged either way (or use a receipt from the booklet your cookie volunteers may have given you) and then you'll input this into eBudde (for Little Brownie Bakers councils).
  • Make sure the parents understand that they are responsible for selling the cookies they pick up.
  • I use one of the receipt books provided by the council to give them a copy of what they signed for during every cookie transaction.
Pallets of product!
Troop 1207 had their cookies separated before their arrival.  Here's the guys unwrapping our pallets with the U-Haul in the background.

Loading the trailer!

Invesco at Mile High is in the background.  I love the floating Samoas box!

Tara and Brynn with the cookies!

Tara, 12 and a Cadette with Troop 1207, and Brynn, her 10-year-old Juliette sister, pose with the trailer of cookies for cookie pickup in 2011.  They did a great job helping out with distributing the cookies for the troop.

Rene and Tim with the cookies.

Rene, looking crazed already, and the ever-helpful Tim, with the trailer of cookies outside the house.

The dining room.

One angle of the dining room.  The table in the center stores booth supplies and all other cookie needs while the cases line the room.  Don't think about a dinner for company for at least five more weeks!