Ebudde and Paperwork
Ebudde is Little Brownie Bakers' online cookie sale management tool.  It can be your best friend during cookie sales--no more complicated spreadsheets, just simple data entry and a great help system.

ABC has a similar tool called SNAP but I've never used it, so I can't comment on it. Please check with your local cookie volunteers for specifics on that tool.

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What eBudde Can Do For You

I'm not going to go into eBudde in detail, because they have great training modules that are quite detailed and helpful and I don't work for Little Brownie Bakers.  However, I'll tell you really quickly about the ways that you can make the tool work for you:

  • Enter and print a girl roster
  • Enter and print information about your troop, its leaders, and cookie sale dates
  • Sign the girls up for Cookie Club
  • Enter the initial order
  • Set your delivery date, location and time
  • Schedule cookie booths
  • Enter additional girl orders during the sale
  • Order more cookies from your cupboard
  • Manage the incentive ordering process, which flows from girl orders
  • Enter your bank deposits (if using a council bank account)
  • Print and email all your paperwork after the sale to your SUCM
  • No more horrendous spreadsheets and charts!!
Go to ebudde.littlebrownie.com to sign in.  If you need your login information, see your SUCM.