Cookie Activities for Meetings
You should have some cookie content at every meeting during cookie season.  This page links you to some ideas for those meetings.

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Building familiarity with cookie varieties

Cookie Clues

This is a great game to get the girls familiar with the cookie types and their characteristics.  Best for Brownies and younger Junior troops.
Click here to view and download the .pdf file for "Cookie Clues." 

Cookie Stars

This play involves wearing cookie costumes, but you could alter it to have the girls wear a sign and carry the type of cookie they are demonstrating.  This activity would be perfect for Junior troops.   

Click here to view and download the .pdf file for "Cookie Stars."

Safety Activities 

Safety Charades

A fun way to learn safety rules:  Safety Charades

Safety Talent Show

A fun acting activity highlighting safety.  Click here.

Cookie Catcher

Remember "cootie-catchers," that folded contraption that girls love to fill out and play with?  How about making a "cookie-catcher?"  Click here to download the cookie-catcher template and here to download the instructions, both in .pdf.

Money Activities

I feel strongly that our girls need to learn how to count change back properly.  For example, if they buy one box of cookies at $3.50 and give a $10 bill, the girl should reach in for two quarters and say, "And .50 makes 4, one makes 5, and 5 makes 10."  That way the girls don't have to memorize change amounts and you will have a much more accurate cash box at the end of booths. You can bring some play money or use real money, but you should dedicate part of a meeting to having the girls learn to count change back the old-fashioned way.  It may be the only time anyone ever teaches them that, and I can tell you that customers really appreciate it and are impressed by it. You may find you even get some tips because of it, too. I know we have!

See the Money and Banking tab for some ideas.

For more activities, see this page from Little Brownie Bakers.